Thursday, July 30, 2009

So I have a few more pictures of the house - we went back for one of our walk throughs and I grabbed a few pics. Not many because the owner was there. Strangely enough, that was great because she gave us a lot of insight into the neighbourhood, the history of the house etc.

I'm having stupid issues with blogger today, so these are not in a good order.

First up, the inside of the kitchen cupboard - look how great that storage is! We are coming from a place with one...yes...that's right...ONE upper cupboard and ONE lower. We are creative with our storage but won't have to be in the new place!!

Here is the light fixture in the living room - don't you love the medallion? It is original (or so they tell us) :-)

Here is what you see when you first walk into the house - we'll work on the stairs eventually but it is not high on the priority list.

And here is the real sold sign!! We took this when we were trying to be incognito and drive past the place for the billionth time. They must think there is a new stalker/peeping tom in the neighbourhood.

I can't wait to move in!! We just found out our landlord rented our current condo out for the middle of the month, so we get back half a month worth of rent! Sweet!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yeah so it is super late right now but while I have a second, I wanted to update you, all 1 or 2 of you who read this, that hubs and I bought 2 couches this weekend!! Not 1, but 2!!

We decided that we MUST buy a couch this past weekend. Time was running out on getting it made and we had seen ones we liked - we just needed to decide!

Recall: hubs likes leather, I don't.

So we took a drive up to Scarborough to the Chesterfield Shop to check out leather sofas. I figured I could humor him, right? We saw one, yep, just one in a shop FILLED with couches, that we liked. I wasn't so sure. Wasn't very comfy and the leather was kind of hard or something.

On the way home, I got dropped off at UpCountry because hubby had to go to a bbq and I had to head into work. Upcountry had some nice stuff, but particularly a leather sofa that I thought was pretty sleek and relatively comfortable. It was made by Lind, a Canadian company. UpCountry quoted me at 3500. Eek!

Compared to the same brand at the Bay on the way home from work. Bay cheaper, but not the same style.

Finally, on Sunday we went to a place called "Choice Leather" and had the BEST experience. The sales guy was the son of the owner and he was one hell of a sales person. My dad would have loved him. We found a couch (leather) for the family room, and ordered a microsuede couch for the living room! He seriously gave us the best price (almost beating the online stores from the states) and was not a leech like most other furniture stores (ahem...Leons/the Brick).

So here are the pics!

Here is the one for the family room - minus the chaise part. Just the sofa. We got it in a slightly upgraded leather in a putty colour. Not sure what that means, but not white, but not taupe. Still light though (my preference) but since it is leather, we can maintain it better.

And strangely enough, my personal fave! This is for the formal living room. I think it will fit the style really well - a good mix of victorian and modern in my eyes. We got it in this colour. Dangerous, but we have no pets/kids/strangers who stop by with ice cream/berries/bloody noses.

So that's it.

Oh wait - we ordered a new mattress too! Details later - but that is IT for the purchases pre-move in. :-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I just realized that someone has visited this site from Malaysia!! That is so cool! Hi!

Another Contender

Okay so I am getting super tired of couch shopping! We decided to go to a store that supposedly had better quality stuff and we actually liked it!!

We found a couch we really like for the living room, however that is not on our 'must have' list right now so it can wait.

We found another couch that we thought would be great for the family room:

It is the "Berkeley" by Rowe Furniture.

We thought about it in either a dark-ish grey, the one in the picture or a taupe.

However, as per usual, I went home and started researching and found out that it is for sale online for $500 less than that store wanted for it!!! Gah.

Stopped in at Sears yesterday and found this one by Palliser:

It is leather and a tad smaller than a full sized sofa. Same prices as the Rowe. Hubby loves leather and I think it isn't very cosy, but as far as leather goes I kind of like this one!

What do you think would look better in the family room?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Furniture shopping outfit

Shirt from Anthropologie

Jeans: 7s from off Saks

Shoes: gold sandals from Bass

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What to do when you are moving

Okay so not much is new in my world - just starting to make a list of what to do now that we are HOMEOWNERS!!!

So this is what I've thought of so far:

1. Buy a house (check :-)
2. Organize mortgage (check)
3. Find a lawyer (in progress)
4. Book moving truck
5. Give notice to current landlord (check)
6. Call cable/hydro/etc. to move services
7. Change address with everyone (credit cards/banks/ magazines/work/government/ doctor/post office/etc)
8. Get home insurance
9. [finish this list]

This is only the verrrry very beginning of the list - LOTS to do!! And this doesn't even include all the furniture etc we have to buy!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family room

Here is the one we saw for the family room. What do you think of the colour?


This communication is intended solely for the named addressee(s) and may contain information that is privileged, confidential, protected or otherwise exempt from disclosure. No waiver of confidence, privilege, protection or otherwise is made. If you are not the intended recipient of this communication, please advise us immediately and delete this email without reading, copying or forwarding it to anyone.


And the shopping begins...

So the mister and I have been using an old, beat up IKEA Ektorp sofa for the last 5 years that my parents graciously gave us when they got a new one. It is a totally comfy couch, but it is looking a little worse for wear and I've wanted a new one for a while. We've been holding out on that purchase until we bought a house so looks like now is the time!!

We started at the usual stores - Leons and the Bay. We have looked primarily at couches and mattresses - our current mattress is super saggy and I don't sleep well at all.

I realized quickly that buying a mattress is NOT easy. They all seem the same and you don't know what they'll be like in 2/5/10 years.

We did find two couches that we liked - one for the family room and one for the living room.

Here is the one we found for the family room - it is almost like this but there are those button marks on the cushions as well. I have a crappy bb pic I will post after to show you.

I can't find the other couch online but will continue searching...please hold :-)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Travelling Outfit

So here is what I wore on the way up to the cottage last weekend. I know it is a bit late, but I just downloaded the picture.

Jeans: Gap trouser style
Top: Old Navy
Sweater: BR Outlet
Necklace: BR Outlet

I'll try for a closer picture next time I post an outfit :-)


Yep, that's right. Me and the Mister are HOMEOWNERS!!! Can you believe it?

I went on Thursday to meet with the termite inspector. He was this little old man who has been in the business for something like 40 years or so. He had actually inspected and treated the house in 1983. While he walked around, so did I.

I'll be honest, I was worried I was having buyers remorse. I was stressed about having picked just one house and the whole idea that I'd have to stop looking freaked me out. However, after spending the hour there on Thursday, I felt SOOOO much better. I love it! It felt like home without trying. Even with the current owners furniture.

The inspection came back clean and the little old man told me it was a solid house; one that he'd let his daughter buy. My dad hasn't seen it yet so I took that as a good second choice :-)

So there it is - we have bought a home! Either that or we are walking away from our deposit haha.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Creepy Crawlies

Creepy little buggers eh? Termite inspection is today - cross your fingers! I will snap a few more pics of the house :-)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And finally...

View from the back of the yard looking towards the house
The yard - skinny but long. The lot is 161 feet which is way bigger than most in my city.
There are two decks that were just built - I love the clear glass between them. So smart! Now we need some patio furniture!

Pictures continued

Here is a closer view of the kitchen looking towards the back of the house

Bathroom - probably the only room we would renovate eventually. It is totally fine/nice for now, but we'd love two sinks and a deeper tub. Okay I'd like the deeper tub ;-)
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 2
And here is the master. What do you think of the colour? I'm thinking it needs a paint job.

More pictures

Okay so I'm back to post some more interior pictures of the house - it has been staged a bit and freshly painted. I was sure at first, and all I could think is "who lives like this!"

So in no real particular order (blogger isn't easy for me ;-):

Here is a view of the formal living room and dining room

Here is a shot of the kitchen. I heart the kitchen. It has a dual fuel range (gas on top, electric inside), a bosch dishwasher (quietest on the market, or so I hear!) and a fancy fridge! There is a breakfast bar at the end that fits two. Which is perfect, since we are two :-)
Here is a shot looking from the family room into the kitchen. I love the french doors that open onto the back deck!

I also love the family room - most homes in my city don't have a family room on the main floor so this is a huge bonus!!
Here is another of the dining room - love the french doors with the stained glass!
Close up of the living room - fireplace used to have a coal insert but now it is gone. Don't love the pink tile, so that will get changed eventually and hopefully a gas insert.

I'll post more in the next post - I'm afraid if I attach more now it will mess up what I've done!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I didn't see this coming...

Ummm yeah - so the Mr. and I house hunted for about 6 months. The search was long, starting with no inventory in the winter, to a crazy spring market of bidding wars (we lost two), to the summer of 2009. Where there was nothing.

Until Canada Day Weekend.

We were up at the cottage where it was rainy and cold (where IS the summer?!) so we did a lot of indoor activities, including browsing the web for houses and we found it. The one.

It had just come on the market and looked almost perfect for us. It was on a street we like, had all of the features we were looking for, and was renovated to our taste!

Oh yeah, it was IN OUR PRICE RANGE!

So we came home from the cottage early to go to the open house. Beautiful day to see a house. Birds were chirping, the sun was shining. It was meant to be.

We walked around and it was perfect. Not in a 'oh my god I've never seen anything so amazing' way (we've seen a LOT of houses and a few that were out of our price range) but in a 'this place is so beautiful, has everything we want, feels like home and we can afford it' kind of way.

To me, the practical decision maker, it was perfect.

So we put in an offer on the Monday (yep, the NEXT day), and after a few sign backs, we became the (conditional) owners of our first home!!!

It was conditional on a few inspections that took place later in the week it passed with flying colours (for a house built in 1901)!

Here is the front of the house:

This blog will be a little window into our home and how we do what we can to make it ours. Hope you enjoy your stay!