Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Decor Question

Quick question for those of you with style/design sense...

If you had walls that were this colour:

Side chairs that look like this:

What colour end chairs would you pick from this site:


Let me know your thoughts!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I spoke too soon...

Wasn't it only yesterday when I wrote "how hard can it be?" about painting the living room/dining room?

Well it was hard. And we quit.

Granted, we started kind of late in the evening, and then realized that no, I can NOT free-hand the edges and yes we ran out of tape and no I didn’t have any more puffy rollers for the little roller.

Le sigh.

We finished one wall and I was so frustrated that I said THAT’S IT!! And packed it up.  The wall looked terrible. It had one of those bands around the top from the edging not matching up with the rolling and the odd little paint blister and many spots where I would have to touch up the white trim. Ugh.

So tonight hubs is going to get all of the equipment we need to do it right and we can try again.

Good news is that once the walls dried, the band was gone and it looked pretty good (minus the ‘oops’ spots on the white trim).  I guess we freaked out because the dried matte band was SO different from the wet-ish wall paint that we didn’t realize the wall still had a ways to go to get matte.  The wall is fine now and will just take some touch ups with the white trim paint.

I think I said “we should have hired someone” about 15 times.  Make that 16 cuz I’m still saying it!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Project - the Dining Room!

So I decided that this weekend I wanted to paint the dining room.  It's one room with 2 windows and 2 doorways. How tough could that be, right?

We had to go get some extra trim paint but we already had the wall colour. However, in typical fashion, I decided when I was at the paint store to get some more wall colour. A new shade? Nope. Same shade, different paint.

Remember how I told you about the steal I found on the hallway paint? Well we had bought that paint and had it tinted to the darker colour we wanted for the dining room. The paint type was eggshell, which many people told me would be fine for the hallway and really the whole house if I wanted.

We painted the hallway in it and while I like the colour, the sheen bothers me because we have wonky plaster walls (as is typical in a house like this) and the sheen hilights every bump and crack. Ugh.

So I bought our wall colour in matte/flat.  Hubs thought I was silly, but I think it is the right move.

Will we repaint the hallway? HELLS no.  It was the WORST to paint the hallway and I will NEVER do it again.

Here is a before picture:

I know - it was actually already really nice (IMO).  However, we don't have all that many renos to do so we'd like to feel like we've made our mark and that it is our house and not the previous owners' you know?

I also took one more picture to highlight the blue crown mouldings - see if this one is more descriptive.

So you can see that the left is the side I had just painted and the right is what it used to be. It looks white, but let me tell you. It was baby blue/white.  In my painting I found that the walls used to be dark green and at one point red, so it isn't so surprising anymore that the mouldings were blue!!

So hubs is out for the day but I've convinced him to tackle the walls this afternoon/evening :-)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Hallway Pictures

Sorry for the lack of posting. I've realized that I am almost incapable of taking a good, true to life picture of our hallway. Our house tends to be a bit dark because it is a row house and we have big trees at the front and the back, so the downstairs gets a bit dark.  I'm guessing that is why the pictures aren't turning out!

This is a picture from the front door area - don't mind the painters tape.  Oh and note to other people trying to paint next to original plaster mouldings - painters tape doesn't cut it!!

This one is the vestibule - we had extra asphalt paint from our bedroom and we put it on the bottom. I actually think I would have liked the entire area that colour (top too). Ah well.

I tried to get a picture just to show the colour but man is it hard!!

Anyways - we did the best we could and it took FOREVER!!  Dining room paint is up next. It should be easier because there aren't so many doorways worth of mouldings to work around!!

Anyways - I will continue my quest for better pictures. I promise!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Long Weekend Project Teaser

Hellloooo bloggers!

So over the long weekend, between eating turkey and roast beef and stuffing and gravy (twice), hubs and I finally painted our hallway!!!

We started out on the trim because for some reason, our crown moulding was blue.  Like baby blue mixed with white, but there was no doubt it had a very strong blue undertone.

It took us approximately 5-6 hours to do all of the trim painting. Old victorians have INSANE amounts of trim (especially hallways with oh...NINE doorways in them!!).

I'm not sure if you can see the difference in this picture but I thought I'd try...

Can you see what we'd painted and what we hadn't? We used matte cloud white (which is clearly different than the shiny blue white that was there!). The previous owners had left a half can so that is what we used!

So the part on the right is the unpainted blue white trim. Can you tell the difference? Makes the cloud white look beige, but once you put it next to the wall colour that we put up, it looks white white.

This weather has caused some problems for me getting good day-light pictures (oh and WORKING all day and night), so I only have a few so far that don't represent the colour properly. Those will come tomorrow :-)

Friday, October 9, 2009


YAHOO for long weekends! Here in Canada, it is our Thanksgiving weekend. We are headed up to the cottage on Saturday to have our dinner up there and then are coming back down to the big city to have dinner with the in-laws. Hopefully everything works out because we are planning on starting to paint the hallway this weekend.

There is a crack on the ceiling though - any ideas how to fill it?? I think the ceiling is plaster (is that possible?).

Anyways - enjoy your weekend!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Anniversary :-)

October 4, 2008 was a great day!

I'm a lucky girl!