Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why I Couldn't Live in Yorkville

While I sit and stare at the beauty that surrounds me, I think GEEZ I would never fit in here!

Hot shoes though :)
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Thoughts

I received a call from my mother today letting me know that my wallpaper has arrived!!  I ordered it off of not because I had read a million reviews on it or anything (which is strange for me) but because it was 10 dollars cheaper than the actual Graham & Brown site. Interestingly, that made it almost 70 dollars cheaper than what the local Benjamin Moore store quoted me per roll!!

Although their website isn't the best (can't track your package etc on it), their 1-800 number was easy to use and a real live human answered every time! Delivery was fast (within the US) and my mom said everything is in order.

In other news, I've decide to not use the mirror I just purchased for the hallway - no matter which way I look I think it is too small. I do have other plans for it though ;-)

Last thing to other bloggers out there - does anyone else read through the data that says who is reading your blog and try and figure out if it is anyone you know? Or is it just me?! I think I've figured out a few (friends, relatives, spouses of colleagues, etc) and I feel so excited when I think I've guessed right! Ha!

Anyways - to all of you lurkers out there, thanks for reading and post a comment once in a while! I'm always looking for input (since I can't make decisions - paralyzed by choice I think!), good or bad (but be nice!).

And since I have nothing of substance to say tonight, here is a picture of Ajay - the lovely guy who I met in Bali on my honeymoon!

Night all!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Update

What happened to spring? Anyone? Seriously - last week it was GORGEOUS out (from what I could tell as I sat at my desk at work) and this weekend it was freezing - I think I walked through a flurry this morning!!

To chase away the "where did the spring go" blues, I took a trip out to the west end to go check out Home Sense and do some groceries.

Home Sense was PACKED. Seriously jammed with people. I guess everyone is into decorating these days! There was quite a bit of patio type furniture and clay urns etc for the garden (if anyone is looking).

I came out with a small mirror that I thought would look good in my front hall:

It's a bit smaller than I would have liked, but I think for the price (cheap) it might work.  I will likely paint it, of course!!

Then on a whim I stopped off at Home Depot and came across this little gem:

I just love her! It reminds me of this awesome rug that Sara at Russet Street Reno has in her dressing room.  When I saw the price ($250 for 8x10!), I knew it had to be mine. I mean ours ;-)

Although it looks a bit navy in the pictures, it is black with an off white pattern on it.

I'm pretty pumped about it. I was so excited that I didn't leave it behind when the cashier tried to tell me it was $400 - I actually walked her all the way to the flooring department and showed her the label. Ha.  I knew I had to have it!

Anyways - that's all for now folks! Hope you had a nice weekend!

Edited to add: I just noticed that the mirror, the pattern on the carpet and my background are all basically the same shape!! Weird?!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Ikea Stolmen Inspiration

Since I have purchased the paper and the dressing room reno is on the top of my mind, I decided to do another search for pictures of the closet system I'm planning on using and came across some good Stolmen pictures!

Here's a good one if I went around the corner - love the storage boxes on the top and the pops of purple in the room.  Notice, however, that there is probably only enough clothing for maybe one week of work. Mine won't look like this :-)

Now - I don't have this many clothes, but this is probably more what mine will look like! Full! haha

Another - I won't have this many shelves I don't think - I prefer to hang more than anything.

This is mine in a dream world - lots of space this way! Too bad my wall isn't big enough!

And two more:

This last one is really cute - love the bright yellow wall and the space left for the window.  This system is so flexible - I can't wait to get mine!

Now - if only Ikea would put it on sale for me!!!


It's Nice Out, but Not So Nice that I can't Have A...

Subway rant of the day.

Please. While I appreciate you getting off the subway to stand to the side while 30-odd travelers exit through the doors, it totally defeats the purpose when you get back on first and STAND RIGHT BY THE DOOR. Now everyone getting on has to move around YOU.

And, I'm done.

Happy Weekend, All!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Took the Plunge!

The votes were tallied. I swallowed my fear of spending money, of choosing something "different", of the hard work ahead of me. And I clicked on "complete my purchase."

And now, when my parents come back from their trip to Florida, they will be bringing me 5 rolls of THIS!


Yep - I am going to have a whole room covered in WALLPAPER! Since I didn't have a good choice for an accent wall, and after everything I kept coming back to this one, it had to be the one. Didn't hurt that most of my lovely readers chose it too!!

I'm not sure if I ordered enough because I kept getting a crazy range of rolls when I would plug in the info into the "how many rolls do I need" calculators online. So I went with 5. I think 6 would have been safer, but since I ordered online from the States, I didn't want to risk having an extra expensive roll of paper sitting around. If I run out, I can order one more. I think I'll be fine though. :-)

Anyways - there's the update for everyone!! Parents come back in about 2.5 weeks so fun updates will follow then!

PS Is it true what they say about testing a marriage by wallpapering a room with your spouse?!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Too Much Grey - Is it Possible?

So on my weekly pop-in at Home Sense I came across a king sized duvet cover in the sale bin that I thought was pretty cool:

It reminded me of the fabric that was on this cover of Style at Home that I loved (but when I looked into it I realized it was CRAZY expensive!):

So since it was such a steal, I thought I'd go for it and try it out. Now, I wasn't sure about posting this picture because we haven't finished decorating the master bedroom, but I'm not sure about the duvet so I'm going to go for it. Here it is during the day (sorry I didn't straighten it out - I'm such a ghetto decor blogger):

And here is a picture from farther away that I took when the sun was down - here is where you can see that we don't have a headboard, proper side tables and that I clearly just threw it on top of messy sheets :-):

So do you think it is too much? The cover is reversible and the other side has the charcoal as the base with the trellis pattern in white, but I thought it was too dark (you can see that in the photo of the package above).

I figure I will have to add a pop of colour to the room now - we still have rug, accent pillows, side tables and drapes to go. Any colour suggestions? Turquoise? Yellow?

Anyways - looking forward to see what you kids think!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Wallpaper Voting

Wow - so far it is a HUGE landslide for option #1 of the wallpaper vote - looks like Darcy might be joining my humble abode!  Keep voting if you have any input or other ideas - I'm eager to hear what everyone else is thinking.

Another quick question as I get ready for some weekend projects - we've been waiting to put up the mirror we found for the dining room until we had proper instructions on how to deal with plaster walls.  I think this might be the weekend!

However, I'm wondering what you all think of painting it white (well, Cloud White, to be precise)?  The walls are Silver Fox (so a true grey) and between that and the dark furniture I thought maybe I should lighten up the mirror.  Do you think that will work?

Picture for reference - a bit dark but gives a better idea of the wall colour:

Anyhoo - since I can't seem to make a decision to save my life, thought I'd put it out there to the experts!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wallpaper and Paint Options

Because the weather was so nice today (come on spring - I'm ready for you to arrive and stay!!), I took a long walk around Leslieville to poke my head in to a few really neat shops. There are a lot of shops with 'reclaimed' furniture that has been painted/distressed etc that are good for ideas and inspiration.

While I was wandering, I came across a Benjamin Moore store and of course I had to go in!! A really nice sales associate helped me out in figuring out what to do with my dressing room.

First up, here is the wallpaper that I had found online and was recommended on Decorpad - Graham and Brown's "Darcy":

Isn't it lovely? I think I could either do one wall or because it is so simple, I could even do the whole room.

Then we checked out another brand - Echo Designs - and found this:

It is called "flower power" and actually had a bit of texture to it.  It would be a one-wall paper for sure for two reasons. One, it is pretty busy and bold so it would definitely be overwhelming on every wall, and two, it is way too expensive to do the whole room!

Anyways - what do you think? If I did just one wall, what wall do you suggest?

Reminder of the room I am working with:

Crib side will be all closets (exposed Stolmen closet system from Ikea). The side opposite the window will have a mirror and my vanity.

Let me know what you think!

Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm Back!

What a long trip to Florida, you might think. I've actually been back for a week now but unfortunately, have had absolutely nothing house related to write about. So I'd sit here looking at the blog and get a little depressed thinking people just want to read about DIY or new projects or ideas.

Anyways, I'm back and looking forward to a GREAT and SUNNY weekend!


Finish sanding walls in dressing room.
Try to pick paint colour for dressing room (is it wrong to pick another gray?!)
Figure out how to hang the big mirror in our dining room (plaster walls - why are you so hard to work with?!)

Anyways - will be back with a proper update shortly!!  In the meantime, if you have requests or questions, let me know!

Have a good one!