Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reason #1 the Bathroom Isn't Done

We're getting there, all right! I can't believe that the reno went so quickly (3 weeks total) but of course, as is our M.O when it comes to renos, it is the final details that seem to be holding us up!

The biggest (but not the most frustrating) hold up is our shower glass. We knew that there would be a wait for the glass so this wasn't a surprise, but now that we are ready to order, I'm having issues (I know, surprise surprise!).

We've met with a few suppliers - each of whom had different opinions on some of the details. Corner hinges? Doors swinging in or out or both? Silicone strong enough?

Lots of questions but the one that neither of them brought up but that I read about in the interweb on a regular basis is what type of glass to buy.

I had no idea there were different glasses. I also had no idea that 'regular' glass has a green tint to it. It's like I've been living under a rock (when it comes to frameless shower glass). Who knew?!

For those of you who also had no clue, here is a photo idea:

The small bit is 'regular' glass and the glass behind it is called "Starphire" glass. From what I understand, it has a lower iron content than regular glass which makes it clearer.

The general consensus is that if you have the money, you should splurge for the Starphire. Especially if you put any effort into your tile work because the green tint of regular glass will interfere with the overall 'look' of the space.

Does anyone have any experience with either types? What did you decide to do? How much more expensive was the Starphire if you went with it? Do you have regrets either way?

Lastly - who did you use for your shower glass? Would you recommend them?



Shannon8foot6 said...

OHHHH man...I wish I could remember the glass guy....GTA glass or glass in the city?  One of those...Sorry

I think we have green glass...doesnt bug us....yes, glass is green!

Chandelle said...

Starphire Glass does have a lower iron content, which removes a lot of the 'green' colour that regular glass has; however, starphire has a blue-ish (typically.... some starphire glass we've seen here at work has an ugly yellow tint) tint to the edge of the glass and the larger or thicker the piece, the deeper/darker blue the edge becomes. Looking at your pictures, it looks like you're seeing a sample of 6mm glass, and 10mm is the standard for frameless shower stalls... this will change the colour substantially.
Also, it will pick up colours from your room.. so, for instance if you have a green room, it'll pick up the green anyway.
It is pretty stuff, but it's not the perceived 'ultra-clear' that many manufacturers try to pass it off as.
Hope that helps, and if you have any other questions about it, feel free to contact me at work (

Chandelle said...

also, if you're looking at hardware and whatnot, take a look at and there's a side bar menu that has a subheading of 'shower hardware' and you can browse styles and whatnot.
As for what's best for your shower, that'll depend on what exactly you're looking for (feel free to e-mail me a sketch-up). And yes, silicone is mighty strong. If you're just using it to install a side-lite, you should be fine (size of the panel pending, of course)... I probably wouldn't use it if the side-lite was being used to hinge the door off of, though.

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

Thanks for the advice chantelle! Wish u were in toronto! So far the clear glass seems to be about 40% more than regular glass. Does that make sense?

Chandelle said...

Sure does. We've got ours priced at about 35% more in a 10mm tempered.

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

Good to know. THanks again for the info!

Stephanie Fazio said...

We have the clear upstairs and just put glass downstairs and we forgot to tell them we didn't want the green. If you can do it, go for the clear - I don't like the green but it's not THAT bad. BUT you're putting so much time, money and effort into your beautiful main bathroom I would spend the money to get the clear. Not sure what the price difference is though...

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

Do you have any photographic evidence of these showers? :-) I'd love to see the difference between the two. It is one thing to see in a small sample but I'm not sure what the difference is for a big shower.

Thanks S!

Stephanie Fazio said...

Let me see if I can get a good pic!!!

lealou said...

Hi Janice,

Here are some pics I took of the glass. I'm not sure if you can really tell the difference to be honest but it might help!


Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

Thanks Steph - I do see a difference. I think my preference is the clear but whether I can convince hubs to go for the price difference is another story. Thanks for taking the pics!

Steph Fazio/Lealou said...

ya to be honest after writing that comment I barely notice it now -- just one of those things you can probably live with!

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Soontobeachier here. I absolutely love the colour of your bathroom walls. We used Benjamin More's Silver Marlin and even at 50% saturation, its too green. Might I ask which colour you used? It looks like just the softest hint of mint. Love it!

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Hey!! The upper portin of the wall is P1563-24 "Infinitely Classy" by Para Paints. I love the colour (still) and would totally recommend it!