Thursday, November 24, 2011

Guest Post - Melissa from Living Beautifully...One DIY Step at a Time

Happy Thursday everyone! I have a special guest post today from Melissa and Ian from Living Beautifully...One DIY Step at a Time. I remember getting a comment on one of my bathroom posts from Melissa saying something like "our bathrooms are twins!" and I can definitely see why she said that!

So welcome Melissa and I hope everyone loves her bathroom because I clearly do!


Hi Everyone!
I wanted to thank Janice, for letting us guest post! We are big fans of her blog and ironically enough have something major in common- our massive bathroom reno! We are a young Canadian couple who just recently started our blog about our new home, our renovations, DIY projects, and doing it all within a budget :) We have been working on a major bathroom reno since last July, and are thrilled that it is finally done!
We actually finished the construction of this bathroom back in early September, but the room wasn't finished just yet. We wanted to completely finish it before we blogged about it...however we could barely afford to buy a toilet paper holder to put in there. Reno's are expensive people! So we waited and waited until we could afford to buy a few things...its still not completely finished but we're getting there!

Lets start at the beginning. Here is what we had to work with:

Ok where to begin. Pink floors. Sigh. We really had no way of working with these- we knew they had to go.

Secondly the vanity was about as tall as my lower thighs. If I was 4 feet this would not have been a problem. However for someone 5ft8, I was barely able to wash my face without sitting on the floor.

I don't know about you, but "beachy" mixed with "roman sconces" does NOT mix. LOVE the beach. Not such a fan of the mideaval flare....

Colours. Where to begin. This bathroom had red, orange, blue, pink grey and gold...and probably other colours mixed in there too somewhere. I am not a 'fall' colour person. Our ENTIRE house was fall colours when we moved in. Slowly...slowly we are changing that, but this bathroom looked a bit like a rainbow exploded in it...we dont do rainbow guts.

In all reality there were no words. We just knew we wanted to change the ENTIRE thing. So now that Ive told you all the things we hated about this bathroom, lets focus on the positives shall we?! The size of the room was great, so we had a lot of space to work with. Great light comes into this room, so that was another positive and we had space to play with- nothing was stopping us from changing the layout around...except cost that is!

I had been saving up tons of ideas and we pretty much knew what we wanted. A 'Spa' feel, light, bright colours, and a clean look. I love when things look clean. You know, like when you walk into a store and eveything is all neat, organized and bright looking? It just LOOKS clean. I love that. So thats what we were going for and I think we achieved that :) it is friends - our pride and joy!

Here's the before and after of our tub:


The shower:

The vanity:


 and other details:

We will be doing a bunch of separate posts on our blog to talk about how we did some of the projects in this bathroom, including the shower tile pattern, paneling on the walls, how we designed the space, how we managed to do all of this on a tight budget, etc, as there is much to talk about, regarding this renovation process!

We think it turned out pretty darn good ;)

We're still adding in the finishing in the picture frames (lol), drapes, accent table, etc, etc.... For now, love partially finished rooms!
Thanks again Janice for letting us guest post tonight and we'll have to compare notes on our bathrooms soon enough :)
Melissa and Ian from Living Beautifully...One DIY Step at a Time (

Pretty darn good is an understatement if I've ever seen one! Congrats to Melissa and Ian on such a fantastic renovation. If you haven't had the chance to check out her blog, go on over! You won't regret it!G



Sundeep @ Designwali said...

such a terrific job! that bathroom looks fantastic! great before & after!

Jo @ In Corners of My Mind said...

This is an amazing transformation...I am sure I saw this on 'Better After' last week (did I?) and loved it...and I remember thinking that it looked a lot like Janice's I totally see the twin thing. Great guest post...thanks for sharing.

EJ @ Not A House, But A Home said...

What a gorgeous renovation! This reminds me so much of your bathroom Janice! You both have excellent taste :)

Melissa @ Living Beautifully said...

Thanks so much Janice! I hope you are enjoying your bathroom as much as we are enjoying ours!  :) Melissa @ Living Beautifully :)

Michelle said...

I believe bathrooms should be white and tranquil and this one has definately hit the nail on the head what a transformation. I'm 3 weeks into turning my retro purple bathroom into a modern grey and white beauty and images like that make me keep going. It will be worth in the end!

Krista @ Nook of Wellington said...

Wow, complete overhaul AND a dream tub if I ever saw one! Well done Melissa!

Tim@DesignMaze said...

great bathroom!  Love the tiles and the shiny chrome and that vanity!  What a difference from the before and how the $ can be spent on finishes instead of moving the plumbing around.  Now I want to redo my bathroom!