Monday, November 28, 2011

Guest Post - Nataliya from Style-ING w/ Children

Happy Monday everyone! (ps - I don't know why I say happy Monday on Mondays, when I usually hate them...)

I have another fantastic bathroom reno for ya today - this time from Nataliya from Style-ING w/ Children. Her and her husband did a great job on their master ensuite and I have a feeling you will love it!


Hi there. First of all I’d like to thank Janice for this awesome opportunity. I've been an avid reader of her blog, I always look forward to her posts. And, hello, the raccoon story should be made into a book :)

I am someone who writes a blog mostly to keep myself inspired for all the big and small projects around our house. With full time jobs, a toddler and zero design/reno experience (outside of painting walls) hubby and I bought our current house with the purpose of renovating the hell out of it.

I’m not sure how much any of you are familiar with Minto? It is the suburbia go-to builder for look-alike housing around our parts. We love to hate them. Truly. Our house is your regular average suburbia box. Nothing wrong with that. And nothing wrong with wanting to change every single corner of it.

Today I’d like to show you our en suite bathroom reno project. I’ll prefix by saying that this was the FIRST project of this size and complexity that either one of us dreamt of undertaking outselves. It took 4 months, too many weekends covered in dust and with thinset on our hands and faces. The results are so so dear to our hearts. I also have to say that my hubby gave in to every aesthetic whim I had during the whole process. And I thank him so much for having faith that I wouldn’t screw this up.


The tub that squeaked like there was no tomorrow

Tile circa 1987

Built-in single sink vanity. Chipped beige sink.

Here’s the general set up of the whole bathroom. Removing floor tile (that was going to be the death of us, death by slipping and falling) is done. Who else is grossed out by that bathtub??


White, clean, modern, not TOO modern (if you know what I mean, wink)


My favourite features, you ask? Well... that walk-in shower, tiled all the way up + tiled ceiling. Also, tile behind toilet/vanity and a little beyond vanity. Best decision ever. If you’re in doubt, to tile or not to tile, TILE IT! In our case it gave us the extra custom look.

There are two things fighting for my absolute love in this bathroom. The shower curtain and that hex tile. I honestly cannot decide which one makes me happier. The pops of yellow were my attempts at adding warmth from my inspiration photos. The combination of white and yellow is a very happy one. I cannot believe I scored those floor mats in the exact share of yellow as my shower curtain, ON SALE at HomeSense!

So there you have it. A little corner of our home reno’ed and improved. Of course there are still things to get and install that will make it more 100% complete vs. Just 92%. And we will get there. Eventually. For now we're happy happy happy with the way things are.

Shameless plug: Come visit me, hubby and Baby C at Style-ING w/ Children. We’re working on both the master bedroom and Baby C’s big girl room. It’s fun! You should stop by.

Thank you Janice for having me!



Sundeep @ Designwali said...

great transformation! is it me or does anyone else see the face in the tile in the 2nd picture?

NK @ StyleING w/ Children said...

yes, that's me :) all dressed up with a scrunchy in my hair. 

Tim@DesignMaze said...

Fantastic transformation!  love the tiles on the floor and that statement shower curtain!  What a punch of fun and drama!  Great Job!

Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

Haha! It looks like Natalyia and I are ugly tile sisters! Lucky her that she got rid of hers!!