Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Life Goes On

Yep - so one week later, life without cable is perfectly fine.

Luca and I took the cable boxes back to the store today and it felt GREAT. 

It felt especially great because on the weekend, we bought a $22 set of rabbit ears at Canadian Tire.

For all of you young kids out there, rabbit ears are a super old school way of getting tv. I didn't even think they were made anymore! But yes, my friends, they are made and if you live near a big city, they are AWESOME! For the low price of $22, we now get CBC (English and French), CityTV, Global, CTV, TVO, Omni and a few other stations, all in perfect HD. Honestly, the quality is better than what we had through the cable company and (in case you hadn't noticed), aside from the $22, it is FREE. 

FREE. I turn on the tv and get FREE HD channels. Of course, there are some channels I miss (HGTV, Much Music (for Gossip Girl) and HBO (mainly for Dexter), but most other shows I like are on the channels we get. I am actually shocked the cable companies get away with charging for basic cable!

So between the rabbit ears and our Apple TV, I think we are fine. We are definitely enjoying the whole $100 a month savings that is for sure!!

Cable companies in Canada have really got to start rethinking what they are doing...just go back and read the many, many comments on my last post of people who have done exactly what we did. We are certainly not trailblazers in this regard so I'm surprised that Rogers didn't work harder to keep our business!

Anyhoo - that is our cable update! Now I'm off to watch some FREE TV :-)



Michelle @ AM Dolce Vita said...

That was a super good call. If my work wasn't paying for the majority of my cable bill, I would've fired Rogers long ago. Their rates hike almost every single year and I also hated to have to negotiate for discount. Too bad our teleco regulation is so loosey goosey and empowers the businesses more than the consumers.

Casey @ Waffling said...

I tried bunny ears but they wont work in my condo :( The guy at best buy said its because of all the concrete and metal they use. LE SIGH! Now I have to pay for cable like a fool. Oh and @twitter-16653155:disqus I think you need a converter or something?? They had a bunch of commercials for what to do when the switch happened a year ago. Newer antennae probably have it built in now.

Ashley Izsak said...

hmm interesting thought, never thought those ears actually worked anymore!

teresamartin79 said...

This is definitely something we've thought a lot about doing lately. Especially with things like Netflix and Hulu. We unblocked (or blocked, I'm never sure) our Canadian IP address so we can access the American netflix and Hulu too which is only available in the US. Not sure how legal that is but it feels marginally better than 'stealing' shows. I'm finding I don't really "flick" around the channels anymore, so I don't think I would miss cable either.

Stephanie F said...

We *just* made the decision to cancel our cable and our landline. It'll be off by the end of November. I forgot about those ears... I'll get hubby to get us some (Canadian Tire is one of his favourite stores :)

Karen said...

Very cool that you've decided to cancel your cable and reap the cost savings of free TV via bunny ears. However, quite a few commenters have mentioned being surprised at the cable company's unresponsiveness to price hikes with more people streaming online... Um dont you purhase your internet from sither bell or rogers, our two main cable providers? With metered internet and the high usage of video streaming it seems they'll still make boatloads as folks increase their online viewing...

Anna said...

It makes me laugh at the thought of people 'discovering' free tv...that's the default here in Australia. We have pay-tv (or cable as you call it) but it doesn't seem to be the default like it is in the US/Canada. All our houses have antennas on the roof to pick up the signal - although we have gone digital now so need a box of some sort to pick up the digital signal (yeah, ok so it's all magic to me...but I do know you can get one for about $20). We used to only have a few channels (about 6 or so depending where you lived) but now have about 15.

Why anyone in our country would pay for tv is beyond me - any time we get to use pay-tv at a hotel we are bored out of our brains by all the trash on it and the repeating programs. I'd always assumed it was better overseas but maybe not!