Monday, November 26, 2012

Luca's 5 Month Check-In

I'm about 2 weeks behind in this post (and I'm not going to lie - the photos were taken last night, in the dark of the kitchen so they aren't perfectly accurate either!). It is amazing how many times I said "I need to take his pictures today" only to somehow run out of time during daylight hours. I of course would then think I should wait until the next day to get some good shots with natural light, only to ultimately end up in the dark, two weeks late.

Moving on...Mr. Luca is 5 months old!

Luca in the Bath 5 Months


Luca's mood has continued to improve this month. He is usually super happy when he wakes up, kicking his legs out and squealing when he sees me. So long as he isn't tired, he is easier to entertain and making him smile (and sometimes laugh!) is finally a regular occurrence.

Similar to last month, when he starts to get tired, he is a cranky boy. When I hear stories of babies who don't sleep during the day very much but are happy, I am flabbergasted. That is SO not my kid. My little sensitive guy needs his sleep and even if he complains for a few minutes before going to bed, it is much better than keeping him awake.

He has improved though - last month if we missed his ideal sleep time by a few minutes, we heard about it! This month I've found him to be a little more flexible (which is fantastic because once in a while I like to get out of the house!). He can tolerate being tired for about 20-25 minutes now. I try not to push him more than once or twice a week though, because a well-rested baby is a happy one!


As mentioned, he is sleeping most nights for 11-12 hours without a peep. Naps range between 45 minutes and 3 hours. See this post for more details.


Still only chowing down on breast milk. He is starting to get a little fussy after about 7 or 8 minutes, and is easily distracted if J is around to watch. We did give him some banana a few weeks ago and he was into it, but I've been reading about Baby-Led Weaning and I think we are going to try that. It suggests waiting until six months so we will start in the next few weeks.  He loves watching us eat now, so I know he is almost there, but he still isn't sitting up on his own so I'm not going to rush it. Has anyone else tried baby-led weaning?


I'm not really certain on his weight as we don't see the doctor again until 6 months, but he is getting heavier and is solidly in 3-6 month clothing. He is a lean little guy - his jeans hang off of him - but for some reason his sleepers are a little tight in the length.

Luca in his Vest

I keep checking, but it doesn't seem like he is teething yet (yay!).

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes: Toilet humour, raspberries, tummy time, chilling in his circle of neglect, sleeping on his tummy, rolling, music class, bath time, his mobile, his dad, his massive bottle of milk before bed and puking on me.

Dislikes: Putting on pyjamas before bed, storytime, being overtired, being surrounded by too many people (finds it overwhelming), making eye contact if I'm holding him too close and being strapped into his car seat.

So that's that! Happy 5 months, Luca!! I love you more and more every day, even when you scratch me with your talon-like nails and then laugh in my face. Yes, even then :-)

Luca 5 Months 3

Luca 5 Months 4



modern_jane said...

I think he is just the sweetest little thing! said...

Thank you for being so honest and sharing both the ups and downs of being a new parent. We're also new parents (our little girl was born only days apart from Luca) and she too has been on the more challenging side of things. But, like Luca, she has way more happy times now and we are loving all the exciting changes that seem to be happening daily. She actually just got her first two teeth a couple weeks ago so that has been a whole new adventure. I'm eager to hear how Baby Led Weaning works out as we plan to do the same thing starting in a couple more weeks at her 6 month birthday (she is currently only breastfed). Best of luck to you and I look forward to future posts!

Stephanie Fazio (aka lealou) said...

hahaha I'm laughing at the nails comment. I have scratches all over the place!!! Man those things hurt!

Designwali said...


christine, just bella said...

What a sweetie, I'm happy to hear about those 11-12 nights! I hear ya on the talons, Alice literally drew blood yesterday.

Alison said...

My gosh Luca's hair is so light! We started introducing Rhys to veggies last week. I took the cue from him when he started to reach of everything we were eating.

Neyir said...

Oh my Luca just continues to get cuter and cuter! Re. BLW I am a big fan, we did a watered down version with our first and I wish we had done it whole hog. With Lloyd we took our cue from him, waited until he was sitting up more, reaching for our food etc. Started about 6./12 months and now at just over 7 months he has had broccoli, carrot, green beans, asparagus, rice cakes, baguette, apple, banana, probably more but can't think at the moment. I went ahead and bought Rapley's book which wasn't out when my first was young and it has been a great resource. I have a good friend who did both spoonfeeding and BLW and her second who was finger foods exclusively is the most amazing eater :-). Best of luck with whatever you decide!

Sara McCarty said...

I think we're the same person and have the same baby! Our kids sound so much alike and I'm constantly forgetting to take his photos on time. We're also doing BLW and love it! Mac decided at about 5.5 months that he wanted whaterver we were eating, so we started giving him fruits and veggies. Now he's "eating" everything (or at least gumming it and tasting it, not sure if he swallows much). We love it!

Megan said...

I can't believe how big Luca looks...adorable! I was curious if you have tried the cloth diapers with him and how they were working out. I think you got some of the grow via's?

I have a 2 month old and she is almost big enough yo use them, but I have to admit I am a bit scared about the switch and all the extra laundry.

Katie Cohen said...

What is he floating in - in the first picture? Looks fun!

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

It is a bath seat! He loves it and it gives him lots of room to kick etc in the big tub. Here is a link:

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

Um...yeah. (hangs head in shame) We did use them for a while but then I kind of stopped and have had a hard time starting up again. To be honest it really wasn't that much more work (esp because Luca only has a bm once a week) I'm not sure why I haven't started again. Arg. Maybe this will motivate me!