Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Front Entrance - 80% Complete!

As you might know, our front hallway/entrance has been an ongoing project in our home. Bit by bit, we've been plugging away and I can finally say we are almost there!!

As a recap, you can check out these posts to see what we have done:

Up until recently, this is what the entrance area looked like:


We knew that we wanted to get a new table - the one in the picture had wobbly legs that for some reason we couldn't fix, and I found the shape to take up too much space (and not give enough surface area) in the narrow entryway.

Of course, I wanted to go out and buy a table (can't it just be easy for once?!) but J was convinced his dad could make it for us. This was my inspiration:


Just as J promised, his dad was able to make the table (he is an expert welder) and this is where we stand now:




We are not quite there yet, but I'm SO happy with how it has turned out! We would like a basket for under the table (maybe this one from Indigo):

and maybe a stool or a chair to sit on if needed.

We have purchased our coat rack and we will be receiving it this week so once that is up, the majority of the transformation will be complete!!

You may be asking a few key questions. I'm going to answer them now (whilst guessing what those questions are :-):

1. Where is the huge awesome print from?

The scissors print is by the amazing Alanna Cavanagh. In September we stopped by her sample sale and found this gem at a HUGE discount. It has a few paint splatters on it which is what landed it in the "seconds" pile and we were lucky enough to snag it. For $105. I'm not joking. That print is MASSIVE. We had it framed at Telegramme Prints on Queen Street (which is both local and surprisingly quite a bit cheaper than Michaels was, even with their normal sale).

2. What about that small framed painting?

That cute little painting is one I purchased at Labour of Love probably 2 years ago. It is by Gosia. I have never found the perfect spot to hang it so it floats from room to room, but I love it!

3. Did you really buy those rubber boots because of this photo?

Yes. Sort of. I never thought I'd be the girl who would spend $$$ on "designer" rain boots, but when I came across the orange/red pair for 70% off a few months ago, I jumped on them. It helped that I never forgot the photo of my rug with the awesome boots...

4. How did you get those crappy old leather boots to stand up?


5. What about everything else?

Table - base made by J's dad, wood top from Urban Tree Salvage
Rug:  - Jill Rosenwald  purchased from Joss and Main for cheap
Gold vases - purchased at the Style North sale from Tim of Design Maze
Copper fire extinguisher - purchased at the antique barn in St. Jacobs
Paint colour: Para Paints Chrysler Hall White (semi-gloss on trim, matte on walls)

So there you have it - I finally have something house related to show you! Sure, it isn't perfect yet and I still have a few things on the list, but waiting until it is totally done is so not my style :-)

Happy Tuesday!



Helen said...

Wow, it looks amazing! I love the modern lines of the table. The dimensions are much better suited to the space. You are so lucky to have a welder in the fam!

Lisa from Wicked & Weird said...

Oh my goodness. OK, first off, that is my favourite Alanna Cavanagh print, and I am crying a little bit that you got it for $100. OK, I am sobbing. It looks gorgeous, and totally freshens up the entrance. Second, the table - you seriously have an expert welder in your family?? I love it and have been wanting one like that for ages. And those vases from Tim are beautiful. In short, I am dying of jealousy. :)

Brittany (Gallery No. Eight) said...

Love that you put bottles in your boots! I put flats in mine to get them to stand up haha
Love the art & the accessories & the rug - really just love the whole space :) xo

Stephanie Fazio (aka lealou) said...

Holy! Amazing how a table can change a room. So awesome. Love the bottles in the boots :)

Michelle @ AM Dolce Vita said...

Your front entrance looks amazing, Janice! I thought it was a picture from a magazine! And I am so so jealous that you scored Alanna Cavanagh's Giant Scissors print for that price. It works so well in your space. Merry Christmas!

Heather @ InteriorGroupie said...

It looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good...the table and print are just perfect with the rug (and hunters, naturally). Looks amazing!

shrewt said...

Looks fantastic! Love all the elements!

Amelia @ House Pretty said...

I love you for the bottles in the boots photo. That table is amazing! I'm so, so jealous. And I love the large scissors print. That entryway is already one crazy awesome before and after - you're inspiring me to tackle our disaster of an entryway!

andreakrisourchaos said...

That table is gorgeous!!! I so wish I had a talented father-in-law to convince into making something like that... I suppose there's still time ;)

lisaroyhandbags said...

Love the new table! And the print really makes the space feel hip. And of course you need fantastic boots to style with! :)

Designwali said...


Shannon@Hoopla said...

No way you got that print for $105! I need to go to her next sample sale! Let me know if you go. And the entryway is looking so amazing. The table is pretty rad as well :)

julie s said...

I LOVE the Alanna Cavanagh print in your entry way and the fact that you purchased the Hunter boots mostly because of inspiration photo!

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

Thanks Julie! Only readers of design blogs would appreciate the boots. Everyone else would think I'm nuts if they knew!

Ryan said...

You can also roll up a thick catalog (pottery barn, restoration hardware, etc) to put in the top of your leather boots, at least that's what I do.