Thursday, December 27, 2012

How Many Anniversaries Do You Celebrate?

We celebrate 2 - our wedding anniversary and our dating anniversary.

Today is our 9 year dating anniversary. Nine years ago, I drove up to J's house (well, his parents' house) and picked him up for our first official date.

That's right. I'm cool like that. I also like an easy exit in case things don't go well.

I rang the doorbell and his entire family greeted me at the door. Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother. Talk about intimidating!!

Even though I drove, J picked the restaurant which ended up being one of my least favourite places. Go figure. (And no, I've never let him forget that!)

We spent three hours getting to know one another (and only 15 of those minutes were spent watching J doing what I thought was flirting with the waitress**). I thought he was funny, easy-going and pretty cute as well. Terrible taste in restaurants, but everything else was looking good ;-)

I'm not going to say I *knew* he was the one that night. I don't think I was thinking that far down the road. I did know that he was special and that this probably was going to turn into something.

Ended up turning into something awesome!

We might be older now with a few more wrinkles (and definitely with more grey hair!) but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

So happy anniversary to my handsome husband!

** After nine years, I can say with certainty that he was not flirting with the waitress - he is chatty with everyone!



Amy @ Croquet & Cocktails said...

I married a man who hates obligation/ceremony. I imagine I'll be lucky to celebrate our wedding anniversary with any sort of pomp beyond year 1 (we just married in August) unless I make it happen. I point out our dating anniversaries as they pass, but I don't expect any sort of celebration. He'd much rather be romantic when it isn't expected, and to be honest, the spontaneity is kind of fun!! At first it bothered me, but now I love that he demonstrates his love, fidelity and commitment to us through what he calls "adventures" at unexpected times throughout the year.
Happy dating anniversary! You make a cute couple and a cuter family:)

meryl rose said...

Because we're not married we just celebrate one :) We did a small roadtrip for our 5th anniversary, and I imagine when 10 comes in a little over 2 years we'll do something "biggish." Other than that we usually just go to the movies, hehe :) One year we both "forgot": Chris came into the bathroom so apologetic that he forgot "it" and I had no idea what he was talking about. When he said he forgot our anniversary I could not remember what day it was so we had to go look at the calendar. Turns out it wasn't for another week, ha!

Tara said...

You are adorable. Congratulations!

skerz said...

Happy Anniversary!
We also acknowledge our first date, and every other year manage to recreate it (coffee at Starbucks and a walk through Forest Hill).