Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Goals - How'd I Do?

Happy New Year, friends!! I hope everyone had a good time last night either staying in or going out or whatever shenanigans you got up to. I am not a big NYE lover (like many people, I think NYE has a weird pressure on it for it to be the BEST night and usually ends up being a) expensive b) stressful and c) crappy.)

But this year, we had a good time! My dad came and babysat Luca (thanks, Dad!) and J and I went to our friends' place for Indian food and a few drinks. We may have also played Apples to Apples. :-) It was really fun and just the kind of night out I like these days!

Anyhoo, I took a look back at my 2012 goals post and for once, was pleasantly surprised at my success rate!

1. Hang Stuff in My House. Check, check and CHECK! 

Not only did we finally get the mirror up in the bathroom:


...but we also put up pictures in the upstairs hallway:


...frames over the sideboard in the dining room:


...a painting in our dining room:

...and (finally!) a coat-rack in our vestibule!

So I would say that for us, this was a successful completion!!

2.  Paint the Hallway. CHECK!

We had the hallway painted back in May taking it from a medium grey colour (Benjamin Moore's Abalone) in an eggshell finish (HUGE rookie mistake) to a beautiful white by Para Paints (Chrysler Hall White) in a matte finish. Massive improvement in my books.

3. Deal with the Leaky Roof Issue. CHECK.

We dealt with this little issue:


...by getting a new roof. We could have just fixed the one area, but figured if we'd need a whole new roof in the next few years, we may as well do it all now and finally stop stressing everytime it rained (oh wait, that was just me). Not a fun way to spend money, but definitely nice knowing that the roof is in great shape.

4. Figure out the Guest Room. CHECK.

You may remember, our guest room was transformed from this storage space junk pile:


...to this:

Um..ya. I'd say that was a big CHECK. :-)

5. Have a Baby. CHECK :-)

Based on my abysmal posting frequency and the fact that almost every picture I post now is of this little guy:

...I'd say I completed this task :-) I was lucky enough to have a healthy pregnancy (all things considered), an uncomplicated labour (that I still need to finish writing about...) and Luca is a wonderful healthy little boy. I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out :-)

All in all, I'm pleased with how my 2012 goals turned out. Sure, some of them were pretty simple (ahem, hanging stuff on walls is no "lose 100 lbs" or "start a new career"), but I'm proud of the results nonetheless. 

I've started a list of 2013 goals and they will be up shortly! Do you have any special goals for 2013? Do tell!!



ramblingrenovators said...

You did awesome with your 2012 goals but I think that cutie pie tops them all. Happy new year!

Christine Shankowsky said...

Making a human life is accomplishment enough for one year! Happiest new year to you, Janice!!

Melissa said...

You did great! OUt of curiosity- does your home have plaster walls?? I have plaster and have always used eggshell, but now I am wondering about a matte finish....

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

YES! We have plaster walls and that is why the eggshell was such a disaster. The walls are not in great shape and the sheen was brutal for showing every bump and crack. Matte may need more maintenance but it is so much better.

Sara McCarty said...

Nice work! Love that you checked everything off your list. Great job! Cheers to a wonderful productive 2013!

Sasha Herrick said...

It was a good idea that you had your whole roof replaced than to simply just patch up the leak. Yeah, you’re right that it may not have been a fun way to spend money, but it’s better than having to spend a lot more for the compounding costs of small repair jobs.

Sasha Herrick

Saeed Zia said...

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LifeBegins@Thirty said...

I am loving your house, Janice! You really did a great job with everything. Aside from the roof, have you made any changes to your house, even recently? If you have, please post pictures about it. Congratulations for getting everything out of the way, now you can take good care of your little angel, Luca. Here’s to a wonderful 2013!

Rolf Matchen