Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Goals

After such a successful 2012 (said as I pat myself on the back), I decided that I wanted to keep the streak going and decided to make a list of goals for 2013 that (I think) are attainable. Maybe that is the key to resolutions. Choose something that is slightly out of reach but not impossible. That way you can a) feel good about yourself and b) continue making resolutions :-)

Here are my blog/house related goals for 2013. You've heard me mention a few of them before...

1. Fix the front porch/front garden.

I think this was on the list for 2011. Oops. It wasn't even that bad back then. Now the wood around the front garden is literally gone (it used to be just crumbly). We also want to replace some wood on the front porch and paint it. If it doesn't get done this summer, I will be ashamed (and the neighbours might call me out for lowering their property values). 

Here is an old pic from when it was overgrown by some crazy ground cover that we have since taken care of...


See the rotten wood? Lovely. Must take care of that.

2. Finish the backyard. 

We've talked about it before. Our J's desire for grass in the backyard. After multiple attempts, we have decided to either go with artificial turf or to re-landscape the yard so that it doesn't need any grass. At a minimum, we have a flagstone walkway that is quite uneven and causes me to trip and curse almost every day. Poor J has been on the receiving end of those complaints and cursing, so we really need to get this done. 

3. Finish the Master Bedroom.

This has been half finished for a while now. It is nice enough not to bug me, but it isn't right that Luca has a nicer room than we do :-) We might consider putting in a closet system because not everyone is going to want to have the third bedroom as a walk-in closet (shocking, I know). J and I constantly chat about the possible layout options and none of them seem to really work, which is why we haven't done anything about it. Hopefully 2013 is going to be the year of the Master Bedroom :-)

Maybe it will end up looking something like this (if I'm lucky):

4. Print more personal photos (and hang them!).

I know it may sound crazy, but we have very few personal photos around our house. There is the odd small framed photo (um, 3 of those) but that is it. However, last week I actually filled the frames in the upstairs hallway (photo above) with pictures of Luca and it feels SO great having personal photos up. Sure, most people won't see them as they are upstairs, but I love walking down the hallway and seeing the little guy in print!

I'd love to print more family photos, maybe even one or two from our wedding as we had awesome photographers and haven't put even one up on the wall. Oops. So's on the list.

5. Blog more. 

My blogging has obviously taken a nosedive since Luca was born. Part of me doesn't feel bad about that because I'm spending time with the little guy but a big part of me actually does. Mostly because it is something I really enjoy(ed) and for the past few months, it hasn't been because of lack of time that I haven't blogged. It has been because of lack of inspiration. Lack of sense of humour. I've been feeling down and unmotivated and haven't even thought about doing something that I would normally find "blog-worthy". 

So whether it is about changes I make in the house, Luca, or whatever, I'm going to get back to it because it is something I love and I miss being part of the community of bloggers!

If you posted about your 2013 house goals (or personal goals are fine too) - put a link in your comment so I can check them out!



Britt said...

I've had fun reading everyone's house/blog/personal goals this past week! These are all very achievable goals Janice, and I have no doubt you can accomplish them. It's funny that one of your blog goals is blog more... I have found your posting "schedule" works for me. Just when I start to think "I wonder what Janice has been up too?" Bam! You post something that informs me of just that... and it's not filler... and it's meaningful.

I did set 7 goals for myself this year, but they are more to do with my day-to-day life vs. getting something large accomplished. I am just too busy these days! But on the flip side, one of my goals has been to blog less... I started to feel obligated and guilty these past three months when I was travelling so much about my lack of posting... blogging shouldn't feel that way - you should share when you have something to say, not when you need filler content.

Another one of my goals might seem simple, but it's to comment more on everyone's blog. This was something that I lost in 2012 while I was trying to knock out a post everyday...

Anyways, this comment has gotten out of control in length, so I'm going to stop now. Happy New Year Janice, J and Luca!

lipstikevents said...

Great goals, good luck! I love the pic you posted of your dream bedroom, it's gorgeous.

Amy said...

I didn't get specific, but I blogged about goals versus resolutions. It looks like you are on the same bandwagon. There was no way I was going to call my laundry list of goals for the year resolutions because I honestly would fail at over half of them. I like the idea of working toward something... I like that all of your goals are totally attainable!

Kristen @ Storefront Life said...

I am rubbish at personal resolutions, but we did make some DIY goals for the house. Hopefully they will all (or at least some!) get checked off the to do list this year.

Michelle @ AM Dolce Vita said...

Yes more blogging please. Always enjoy reading your posts. I am still working on my 2013 list and will share in a bit.

Michelle @ AM Dolce Vita said...

And I've just posted my 2013 list. :)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I totally agree with your number 4 and 5. I just am so bad about printing and hanging up photos, and I also feel I have nothing 'good' to blog about!

Kelly said...

Good luck! 2013 is a big goal setting year for me too! I wrote about them here:


Barbara Travis said...

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